Your Councillors

Cllr. Tamsyn d'Arienzo, Chairperson
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Cllr. Carolyn Henry, Councillor
Committees: Beechwood Hall & Rural Park, Senior People, GDPR, Grants and Funding, Emergency Planning and Crisis Responders ( including Covid-19)
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Cllr. Kate McBrown, Councillor
Committees: Beechwood Hall & Rural Park, Younger People, Accessibility, Emergency Planning, Crisis Responders (including Covid-19) and Beechwood Hall Bookings Manager.
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Cllr. Caroline Croft, Councillor
Committees: Environment, Rights of way, South Downs National Park Liaison, Walking/Cycle routes, Younger People & Schools Liaison, Senior People
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Cllr. Sue Fleming, Councillor
Committees: Cycleways, Highways Projects, Environment ( including Litter and Waste), Planning, Trees and Rights of Way. Current Projects: Pavement to Bevernbridge. Railway lines to Walk/Cycle routes
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Cllr. Dan Pearson, Councillor
Committees: Rail Committee, Beechwood Hall, Older People, Younger People, Hamsey Neighbourhood Plan
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Cllr. Jim Redwood, Councillor
Committees: Planning, Hamsey Neighbourhood Plan
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Your Clerk

Natalie Kinch, Parish Clerk
Parish Clerk
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Beechwood Hall, Beechwood Lane, Cooksbridge BN7 3QG