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for the parish of Offham, Hamsey and Cooksbridge


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About our parish

Hamsey Carnival

The parish of Hamsey stretches from the River Ouse in the east to Mount Harry in the west, from Landport in the south to Bevern Bridge in the north. It includes the villages of Offham, Cooksbridge and Hamsey, each of which has its own distinctive character, but with just over 450 people on the electoral roll, the population is small and, for the most part, fairly scattered.


It is an area of deep contrasts. The landscape ranges from high chalk Downland, to the water meadows of the Ouse and the heavy clay pasture and woodlands of the Gault and Low Weald. The architecture is similarly diverse, ranging from medieval timber-framed buildings to Georgian manor houses and modern low cost homes.


The parish has a rich and fascinating history. Find out more by visiting Hamsey Past.

The river was canalised in the 18th century.

The railway arrived in the 19th century and this led to the growth of a new settlement around the station at Cooksbridge. It is now the parish’s biggest residential area.


Farming has been the main activity in the parish for many centuries, but a tannery existed in the 16th-century while local people also found employment in the chalk pits at Offham, the brickyard at Bevern Bridge and the old brewery at Cooksbridge.


The church at Hamsey served the parish from before the Norman Conquest until the new church of St Peter was built at Offham in 1859.

Hamsey Primary School was built in Cooksbridge in 1907 to replace the old schoolhouse at Offham. The Malthouse at Cooksbridge was built in the 18th century and last used for malting in 1912. It was used as the village hall as early as 1919 but was given up in September 2007 when Beechwood Hall, was opened. Situated at the recreation ground in Beechwood Lane the hall is available to hire.


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