Last day to complete Beechwood Hall and village Survey

Today is the final day for you and your household members to complete this survey on Beechwood Hall and other ideas for our villages.
Thanks for those who already completed the survey, and those who said they would like to volunteer. Trustees would particularly benefit from someone with finance ⚖ experience to step forward to help the Beechwood Hall committee with planning income and expenditure for 2021/22. All help is welcome in other aspects of running the hall and park, too.
Among other ideas included in the survey is the path to open up access to the rear of the field for people of all mobilities. The idea is that the country gravel path will continue from the existing path of the same material which currently links the verandah to the playground, then to continue around the outside of the field, inside the tree line at the back, and out along the perimeter. Benches and 🌳 trees can then be placed at resting spots along the way so visitors can enjoy the views and tranquillity from all angles. If you are in support of this path, please say so in the survey, as local support may help with grant funding. Whatever your views, we would love to hear from as many residents as possible.
If you could please complete the survey by this Monday, then we will have time to collate your responses and be guided by your views at the next Parish Council meeting. Many thanks!