Last day to ask for a local cycle route. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan’ (LCWIP)

Don't worry if you don't know correct terminology or can't get to grips with the maps. Click on the link anyway and let ESCC know if you agree that our villages need cycleways and traffic free walking routes. LINK TO SURVEY> https://consultation.eastsussex.gov.uk/.../consult.../intro/
Consultation will end later today for East Sussex County Council’s ‘Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan’ (LCWIP).
This hyperlink provides access to ESCC’s consultation documents and 12 question survey:
There are a lot of documents you can read through, but it is necessary only to read the LCWIP Draft  https://consultation.eastsussex.gov.uk/.../East%20Sussex... and the Sustrans report is useful https://consultation.eastsussex.gov.uk/.../Appendix%205B...
Both are pretty reader-friendly documents and interesting, but here are some excerpts in case you don't have time to pour over these before responding today.
For a peri-rural place, Hamsey Parish has been badly represented in this. The group has listened to feedback and inputs parish councillors have made so far together with Cycle Lewes. 
Map from the consultation is below. Some landmarks are in the wrong place by the look of it, and several routes have the incorrect labels, Offham is out and Cooksbridge not labelled, but we can get the gist.
Hamsey Parish Council (HPC) views, but you may have your own. 
L6 to The Downs would be good. Walkers and Cyclists already manage this route
L7- Offham Road. Whilst HPC would support this becoming cycle-friendly, cyclist still will need to spill out onto A275 with narrow bends so no room for a wide cycleway, speeding traffic, and unsafe for cycling on the road for much of the population (families, older, slower, less confident). We think it's better to cut through Landport and up through the Coach Road to Offfham, cutting out A275.
L8- Cooksbridge East Chiltington Ditchling route via Hamsey Lane. Interesting suggestion to take this route across the A275 to Chatfield Close (around boundary?) and across the Farm through the existing right of way tunnel beneath the railway.
L11- from Neville, could join Old Coach Road too
L12- Old Coach Road (Offham church, through woods to Landport and via the footbridge they propose to widen, to Pells). Support.
L13- If we ask for this to be amended, so no bridge from Old Malling Farm development with expensive bridge to Hamsey Church, we could push for more realistic and speedier solution of a path from Willeys Bridge Lewes, along the other side of the river to Hamsey. This could still connect to the proposed L8 to Ditchling. Willeys Bridge to Hamsey is an existing right of way, but poorly accessed in the winter due to mud.
L?- Malling – Southover improvements connect to Willeys bridge, which would be widened for shared use. This would link nicely to our improved river surfacing from Willeys Bridge to Hamsey.
Additional suggestion: Bevernbridge to Cooksbridge overland cycleway.
Propose circular route (apologies for rough map)
>Willeys Bridge along the river to Hamsey. (It should be noted that a raised embankment to sustain the existing right of way path would hold considerably less chance of serious injury to any users than a collision with a vehicle on A275).
> Meet Quiet Lanes enforced zone (20mph, walker/pedestrian priority?)
> Travel along Ivors Lane to turn left at The Drove towards Offham
> turn left to join L12 Old Coach Road and continue route through Landport, across proposed widened footbridge to meet Pells and Willeys Bridge.
or Option also to turn right at Hamsey to pick up end of proposed L13 route, Whitfeld> Hamsey Lane> joins proposed L8 route to East Chiltington, Ditchling.
Excerpts from the Consultation doc, plus proposed statements from HPC:
'Supporting economic recovery and growth in a sustainable way Most local journeys to work in East Sussex are at or below 5km. This enables cycling and walking for journeys of up to 2km to be an achievable option for all or part of journeys to and from work…. - key centres / business areas - localised trip attractors between 3 - 5km or less, making cycling and walking feasible.' Assumption is for the town but Offham, Hamsey and Coooksbridge also fall within 5km of the town centre.
We must strongly stress the villages’ need for safe access into its local town.
The river route seems to be a no-brainer, requiring no bridge or causeway, and being an existing public right of way.
'Reluctance to cycle on the road due to fear of conflict with vehicular traffic and lack of education and awareness to help combat this perception, especially in vulnerable groups'. I think we need to challenge this, as it is a real risk on A275 and even the lanes whilst 60mph speed limit, far more risk than any river route.
Above are just some ideas; feel free to cut and paste if it's helpful to you to respond today. Even if you have different ideas, please anyone who would like to see traffic free travel routes for now and for future generations, complete the survey. Make some noise for our villages so we don't miss out on funding for these projects- we don't want to miss this opportunity.
Don't worry if you don't know exact terminology or can't get to grips with the maps. Click on the link anyway and let ESCC know that our villages need cycleways. LINK TO SURVEY> https://consultation.eastsussex.gov.uk/.../consult.../intro/
Very rough map attached to show what Hamsey Parish Council are suggesting