Cooksbridge Station Platform Extension

Cooksbridge Station Partnership would like to inform the community that work has started at the station to install the Selective Door Opening System (SDOS). This will be followed by night testing which should be completed by mid September.

If the testing goes to plan (via their satellite) all trains soft ware will be updated allowing the new extended platform 1 to be brought into service. This is a completely new system from Network Rail which has had to be devised specially for Cooksbridge station. Platform 1 will require all 8 car train doors to open but platform 2 will only require the first 5 cars doors to open. The SDOS set up will still operate exactly in the same way even when 12 car trains are in service.

This will hopefully bring to an end the 8 car trains over hanging the road while stopped at the stations platform 1.

Cooksbridge Station Partnership.