Buses Update

Please see below an update on the bus time table in our area from ESCC as of 30th August 2020.
There has been a considerable focus in the work between the County Council and bus operators on making appropriate provision to allow young people to return to school safely. A number of regular bus journeys will be available to school/college students only on a temporary basis. Extra school/college buses have also been added. Further details can be accessed through the above website link under the heading “Back to school bus service changes”. Other service users are asked try to avoid bus journeys used by school and college students, even when these journeys are open to everyone.
We previously advised that free travel bus passes for older persons and disabled persons were being accepted at all times for travel in East Sussex to assist holders to access food shopping and services. With bus services now increased, giving more journey opportunities, and a priority to get young people back to school, this additional concession will be withdrawn and, from 1 September, passes will again not be valid for free travel before 9.30am on Mondays to Fridays.
Additional information can be found here:
Compass Travel
31 – Normal service. Extra buses will run to both Warden Park School and Uckfield (for Uckfield College) for students only.
119 – The morning 0809 journey from Alfriston, and the afternoon 1537 journey from Seaford Head School, will be for students only. Normal service during the day.
120 – Normal Saturday afternoon timetable is in operation. Cuckmere Buses is now running its morning and afternoon service on Tuesdays and Thursdays plus its Saturday morning service (see Cuckmere Buses section).
121 – Increased timetable with an amended Monday to Friday service: The first journey from Newick changed to depart from Newick The Bull at 0722, then run via South Chailey and Barcombe, arriving Lewes Bus Station at 0802. Additional buses for students only: 0800 Newick The Bull to Chailey School; 1517 Chailey School to Newick. The 0806 from Lewes High Street to Chailey School, and the 1520 from Chailey School to Lewes, will both be for students only. Normal Saturday service restored, including Sheffield Park Gardens and Bluebell Railway.
122 – The Monday to Friday 0742 journey from Barcombe Cross will be provided by route 121 and will not serve Barcombe Mills. Otherwise a normal service is restored.
123 – Increased timetable with an amended Monday to Friday service. The 0655 from Saltdean and 0740 from Newhaven will be for students only. A new journey, available to all users, will depart from Newhaven Lower Place at 0718, arriving Lewes Bus Station 0748. The schooldays only departure at 1517 from Lewes bus station is withdrawn. A journey for students only will run from Priory School to Rodmell, Piddinghoe and Newhaven, along with an extra bus for students only to Kingston. No change to the timetable on Saturdays.
125 – Increased timetable similar to the normal provision, with the daytime service between Lewes and Eastbourne restored. The 0755 from Alfriston will be for students only and only run on King’s Academy schooldays. The 0800 school holidays only journey from Alfriston is withdrawn. The 1515 schooldays only journey from Lewes Bus Station is withdrawn. A journey for students only will run from King’s Academy to Alfriston at 1530.
126 – Normal service on Compass Travel journeys. See the Cuckmere Buses section for news of their route 126 journeys, and Compass Travel service 119 (above) for additional journeys between Alfriston and Seaford.
127 – Revised afternoon timetable after 1350, with departures from Lewes Bus Station at 1415 , 1450 (not to and from Malling), 1540, 1645, 1715, 1805 and 1840 (not to and from Malling). Normal service on Saturdays.
128/129 – On Mondays to Fridays, the 129 journey at 1502 from Lewes Bus Station is replaced by a 128 journey at 1430, running to Nevill only. Otherwise the normal Monday to Saturday service is restored.
143 – Normal service restored, apart from the 1405 journey from Hailsham will not serve Harrisons Lane and Springett Avenue in Ringmer, or Church Lane and Tesco in Lewes.
145 – Normal service restored.
166 – Normal service, except the 0811 from Haywards Heath Perrymount Road to Warden Park School will be for students only. An additional bus numbered 33, for students only, will run at 0749 from Wivelsfield Ote Hall Chapel to Warden Park School, returning from school at 1528. The 166 1535 departure from Warden Park School will be for students to Perrymount Road.
167 – Normal service restored, apart from the 0820 from Burgess Hill to Wivelsfield Primary School being for students only, along with the return journey at 1522 from school.
168 – Normal service restored.
228/229 – Normal service restored. The 0722 228 journey from Crowborough, including the Jarvis Brook loop, will have an additional bus for students only. In the afternoon the 1550 228 journey from Tunbridge Wells Boys Grammar School to Crowborough will also be for students only. An additional bus will start from Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place at 1610, running to Crowborough and Jarvis Brook via Showfields.
231 – Normal service apart from the following: On the 0735 journey from Uckfield, only students will be allowed on the section of route between Heathfield High Street and Heathfield College. The 1515 journey from Heathfield College will be for students only as far as Heathfield fire station. Seaford & District’s 0730 journey from Hurst Green will be for students only until Heathfield College. Their 1435 journey from Uckfield will only be for students on the section of route between Heathfield High Street and Hurst Green.
261 – Normal service. Extra buses for students only will run as follows: 0750 Forest Row Brambletye to East Grinstead; 0806 East Grinstead to Uckfield; 1442 East Grinstead to Forest Row; 1550 Uckfield to Nutley.
Details are available on the Compass Travel website. www.compass-travel.co.uk
Community Transport for the Lewes Area (CTLA)
131 – service suspended.
132 – normal service.
246/248/249 – normal service.
Brighton & Hove Buses
Routes 11X, N12 and N29 are not running on any days. Special timetables on other services in East Sussex as follows:
12/12A – Normal pre Covid-19 frequency of service with some minor changes.
12X – 20 minute frequency on Mondays to Saturdays.
13X – Special timetable. Saturday service withdrawn. On Sundays and public holidays only, until 27 September, buses depart from Brighton Station to Eastbourne at 0940 and every 30 minutes until 1740, plus journeys at 1810, 1840 and 1910 running as far as Newhaven. On Sundays and public holidays only, until 27 September, buses depart from Eastbourne Cornfield Road to Brighton at 1032 and every 30 minutes until 1802, plus earlier morning journeys from Newhaven at 0954, 1024 and 1054. From 4 October, on Sundays and public holidays only, buses depart from Brighton Station at 0910, 1240 and 1610, and from Eastbourne Cornfield Road at 1102, 1432 and 1802.
14/14A/14C – Revised timetable with three buses an hour between Peacehaven and Brighton, including one 14C journey per hour via County Hospital, and an hourly evening service. Five Journeys from Newhaven, before 0745 only. The journey departing 0712 from the Meridian Centre to Cardinal Newman School will be for students only. Late evening journey at 23:40 from Brighton Station returns to Newhaven A normal timetable operates on Sundays.
28/29- Increased timetable. Monday to Saturday daytime service between Brighton and Lewes town centre generally every 10 minutes, Lewes Church Lane every 15 minutes, Ringmer every 30 minutes, Uckfield every 30 minutes. Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells will be generally twice an hour at weekday peak times, and every hour off-peak and Saturdays. The following journeys on schooldays will be for students only: 0655 Uckfield to Tunbridge Wells (additional bus), 0750 Tunbridge Wells to Lewes, 0757 Lewes to Ringmer, 1532 Ringmer to Brighton, 1622 Tunbridge Wells to Uckfield. Sunday service generally twice an hour between Brighton and Uckfield, with one of these buses an hour serving Ringmer and the other bus an hour serving Isfield. Hourly service to/from Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells.
76A – Peacehaven-Longhill School bus will be for students only
79 – Running to a special timetable on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Departures from Brighton (Old Steine) at 0945, 1045, 1145, 1255, 1405, 1515, 1625, 1735. Departures from Ditchling Beacon Car Park at 1015, 1115, 1220, 1330, 1440, 1550, 1700, 1810.
92 – Service reinstated. The 0652 from Telscombe Cliffs Way to Seaford Head School will be for students only.
492 – This afternoon journey from Seahaven Academy to Paradise Park and Denton Corner will be for students only.
494 – This afternoon journey from Seahaven Academy to Peacehaven and Saltdean will be for students only.
To view the full timetables visit www.buses.co.uk