Bus Service

An update from the Public Transport Service. 

'Bus use remains extremely low, though it is anticipated there will be increasing public transport demand in the coming weeks as restrictions reduce and more people return to work. I can therefore provide you with the following update: 

Route 31 serving Uckfield, Maresfield, Newick, North Chailey, Scaynes Hill, Princess Royal Hospital, Haywards Heath and CuckfieldThis service is running to its normal school holidays hourly timetable. 

Route 121 serving Newick, North Chailey, South Chailey, Cooksbridge, Offham and LewesThe special timetable, providing a 2 hourly frequency, will remain in place for the time being due to the very low number of passengers. The service will be increased in September to cater for the needs of school and college pupils. 

Route 122 serving Barcombe, Cooksbridge, Offham and LewesFrom Monday 27 July this service will revert to its normal school holidays route and 2 hourly timetable, so serving Plumpton only on Saturdays. 

Route 166 serving Lewes, Offham, Plumpton, Wivelsfield Green, Princess Royal Hospital and Haywards HeathThis service will restart from Monday 27 July, running to its normal school holidays 2 hourly timetable. As a consequence route 122 will revert to not serving Plumpton on weekdays.    

Route 167/168 Village Rider service

The special timetables will continue in operation until further notice. Provision will be made for Wivelsfield School pupils returning in September. 

Older and disabled persons free travel bus passes are still being accepted at all times for travel in East Sussex. This special arrangement is expected to continue until the end of August 2020.

The latest information on these and other bus services is provided on our website pages. The situation is changing frequently so please check these pages regularly. Included on our website are important details about the regulation for bus passengers to use face coverings, unless they are exempted from doing so. www.eastsussex.gov.uk/roadsandtransport/public/buses/bus-service-changes/'