A275 closure at Cooksbridge Level Crossing from 6pm Saturday (later than the planned 1am) until 5am on Monday

Road Closure Update

The A275 will be closed at Cooksbridge Level Crossing from 6pm Saturday (later than the original 1am) until 5am on Monday.

A full road closure is needed in order to properly resurface the road.

Hamsey Parish Council has been negotiating with Highways and Network Rail for a one way system to be put in place to help avoid the mayhem in the lanes of the last road closure.

Obstacles to Highways implementing a 1 way system were:

-Highways cannot have 2 different diversions in place for the same route

-Highways cannot divert traffic from an 'A' Road onto a lesser road, including a lane.

-Highways cannot close the lanes in these circumstances. Also 12 weeks notice is required for a road closure.

What they have agreed is: wider diversions will remain in place and traffic will be directed along A26. For the remaining traffic, who either missed diversions or genuine locals, it will be difficult to prevent traffic travelling either side of A275 but it is hoped the following will help mitigate the congestion:

NORTH BOUND up Beechwood Lane (or Plumpton or another route to the west of A275). At the bottom of Beechwood Lane there will be signs in place to advise the route is not suitable for HGVs (low bridge). At the top of Wickham Lane signs will say UNSUITABLE FOR DIVERSION.

SOUTH BOUND cars will pass Wickham Lane and just as they see the crossing is most definitely shut, they will divert along Hamsey Lane as before. This time we hope Highways can limit traffic travelling north from Lewes direction by placing a NOT SUITABLE FOR DIVERSION sign at The Drove/Offham Church.

This way Highways have not diverted anyone and they have not enforced any road closures but have placed advisory notices at entrances.

Avoid these routes if you can between Saturday evening and Monday morning. We hope the majority of drivers will read the signs but you never know, so take care if you have to use these lanes. Attached is the diagram we sent to Highways and Network Rail so you can get a clearer idea of the proposed routes. 

Notices have been placed on Chailey, Barcombe, East Chiltington and Lewes Facebook Groups to inform as many drivers as possible that they should plan a wider diversion. 

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